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Introducing the Equestria Digital Forums Posting Contest!

Forum Thread


To celebrate the launch of the Equestria Digital Forums 2.0, we are hosting a posting contest on the forums! The rules are simple: make good posts and topics on the forums and get points; the person with the most points at the end of the competition wins the grand prize (see below)!

The contest will run from 25 January 2014, 22:15 EST to 29 March 2014, 19:00 EST: a total of 63 days.

Rules and Scoring

- If you want to participate, you must announce your intention to do so in the forum thread. Yes, this does count as your first point.
- Please do not spam low-effort posts. If you are found doing so, you will be disqualified.

You can get points in a variety of ways!

- A constructive topic or post on any board is worth 1 point. A constructive post doesn’t necessarily have to contain critique or artwork, but should contain a fair amount of content.

- Participate in Wallpaper of the Week, our weekly wallpaper competition! This will net you 5 points per entry (you can enter one wallpaper each week). Please put effort into your entry. If you want to enter but have no experience with making wallpapers, there are many community members who would be willing to help you make one: just send them a private message on the forums!

- Refer a friend to the forums! You can get 10 points for each person that you refer. For you to qualify for the points, they must: 1) make at least 5 constructive posts on the forums, and 2) send the admins a private message stating your username. If they stick around and consistently post, you might get more points!

- More methods will be added as the contest progresses.


There will be two winners for this contest! The person with the most points at the end of the contest wins the grand prize. A second winner will be chosen with a random number generator. To qualify for the random drawing, you must have at least 10 points. The grand prize winner is not eligible for the random drawing.

Grand Prize
- On the Equestria Digital Forums: a custom forum image title! It will look similar to the image titles given to the admins and moderators. You can choose the text of the image and the pony you want displayed on it, within reason.
- On deviantART: a three month Premium Membership, or 636 Points! A list of the benefits that come with a Premium Membership can be found here or on deviantART. You must have a deviantART account to receive the membership/points, or you may choose to transfer it to someone else.
- A giant cupcake! A preview of the cupcake.
- Omniscient-Duck will teach you about the glory of Fluttershy!

Random Winner
- On the Equestria Digital Forums: a custom forum image title! See the full description above.
- On deviantART: a three month Premium Membership, or 636 Points! See the full description above.

Possible Prizes
We haven't decided if these prizes will be offered or not.
- A vector of your original character from DoktorRF!
- The ability to choose the theme, within reason, for the Wallpaper of the Week following the end of the posting contest!

Forum Thread

If you have any questions, please ask!

Winter in Equestria

banner created by Omniscient-Duck

Winter in Equestria is a winter-themed wallpaper pack, created by members of the MLP:FiM wallpaper community! The wallpapers in this pack feature wintery scenes and elements, and ponies doing wintery things! Winter in Equestria also includes entries from WOTW #24: Wintertime (those entries are listed below in the Week 24 section).

The full forum thread and download link can be found here. We hope that you enjoy Winter in Equestria!

Wallpaper Artists

2bitmarksman | ALoopyDuck | bigbigreader | Bryal
Damuchi99 | Dwindlekin | Endingtheworld | KibbieTheGreat
LPSfreak | Omniscient-Duck | TaigaLife | Kinetic-arts
RDbrony16 | UtterlyLudicrous

If you're interested in making your own wallpapers for a wallpaper pack, stay tuned! Our next wallpaper pack will likely be announced in early 2014 (before the end of March). Keep an eye on the Equestria Digital forums, MLP-FIM-wallpapers, and EquestriaDigital for more information.

Wallpaper of the Week

Wallpaper of the Week is a weekly contest hosted by Equestria Digital, where wallpaper artists compete to make a wallpaper with a certain theme. Entering and voting require an account on the Equestria Digital Forums.

Week 22 Results

Congratulations to Cr4zyPPL for winning WOTW #22: Triadic Colors!

Triadic Fluttershy by Cr4zyPPL

Thank you to everyone who entered!

Soar - WOTW #22 by bungeous Incoming(WOTW #22) by Omniscient-Duck WOTW #22: Triadic Dash by DoktorRF Triadic Fluttershy by Cr4zyPPL [WOTW] Triadic Colors ~ Chrysalis by 2bitmarksman

Week 23 Results

Congratulations to Cr4zyPPL for winning WOTW #23: Blurs!

Taking flight by Cr4zyPPL

Thank you to everyone who entered!

Busy by MasterTrevor Luna Wallpaper by NightSilverChelly WOTW 23 - Blurry Ponies by Morningstar-1337 Aurora by Omniscient-Duck Regrets (I tried) by gohomelimyourdrunk We will rule together by Spaceisthelimit WOTW #23 - Wrapping into another universe by ViperDash-Venomous Lotus | WOTW #23 - Blurs by TaigaLife [WOTW 23] Wallpaper - There Can Only Be One by RDbrony16 At The Ready by DaChickenDog Taking flight by Cr4zyPPL [WOTW]Blurs ~ Starflower by 2bitmarksman WOTW: Glamhorsebokhenshit Out by LPSfreak

Week 24 Results

Congratulations to UtterlyLudicrous for winning WOTW #24: Wintertime!

WOTW Submission: The Fire of Friendship by UtterlyLudicrous

Thank you to everyone who entered!

WOTW Submission: The Fire of Friendship by UtterlyLudicrous [WOTW 24] Wallpaper - Out in the Cold by RDbrony16 Disaster!(WOTW 24) by Omniscient-Duck

Week 25

WOTW #25 has started! This week's theme is Brushes.

Wallpaper of the Week

Wallpaper of the Week is a weekly contest hosted by Equestria Digital, where wallpaper artists compete to make a wallpaper with a certain theme. Entering and voting require an account on the Equestria Digital Forums.

Week 20 Results

Congratulations to romus for winning WOTW #20!
WOTW #20: Typography (2) - Sound it by romus91

Behold the great moustache (Typography) by Cr4zyPPL Rainbow Dash is 20% Cooler [WotW #20] by Damuchi99 20% Classy by MasterTrevor Neon Sparkle by TaigaLife Broken Hearted(5K Special)(Part 1)(WOTW#20 Entry) by Omniscient-Duck Way Of The Cupcake by DaChickenDog WOTW #20: Typography (2) - Sound it by romus91

Week 21 Results

Congratulations to TaigaLife for winning WOTW #21!

Twist doesn't like you either. by TaigaLife

Thank you to everyone who entered!

Twist doesn't like you either. by TaigaLife The Magic Belongs To Me by mtgman96

Week 22: Triadic Colors

WOTW #22 has ended! Vote for your favorite wallpaper!

Week 23: Blurs

WOTW #23 has started! This week's theme is Blurs.
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About Us

WOTW Winners

WOTW #23: Blurs Cr4zyPPL
Taking flight by Cr4zyPPL

WOTW #24: Wintertime UtterlyLudicrous
WOTW Submission: The Fire of Friendship by UtterlyLudicrous

WOTW #25: Brushes Kinetic-arts
Chill by Kinetic-arts

WOTW #26: Space Kinetic-arts
Stratosphere by Kinetic-arts

WOTW #27: Symmetry
Vote here!…

Welcome to MLP-FiM-wallpapers! We feature wallpapers, icons, browser themes, and other assorted fan works of the animated television series, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Our galleries have everything you could possibly need to customize your computer and more!

General Rules

:bulletyellow: Feel free to make suggestions for the group, either by contacting an admin or posting a comment!

:bulletyellow: There are no limitations on who can join this group; all join requests are automatically approved! You do not have to join to submit, although we prefer that you did.

Submission Rules

:bulletorange: If you use the work of other artists, please provide credit, either by linking to the original deviation or the artist's profile page. This includes vectors, alpha-layer drawings and paintings, logos, and other resources. We will not accept works with uncredited resources. If you made the resources yourself, please notify us of that.

:bulletorange: We have a basic set of quality guidelines, which are listed below; submissions that do not meet these guidelines will be declined.

:bulletorange: NSFW (not safe for work) artwork will not be accepted. This includes gore, porn, or any other material that may be objectional. Wallpapers including these will be accepted/declined by the admin's discretion. Shipping is allowed, as long as it isn't highly suggestive or pornographic.

:bulletorange: All computer wallpapers must have a resolution larger than 1280x720 (widescreen) or 1280x1024 (square). Lower resolution wallpapers which are not labeled as mobile wallpapers will be declined.

:bulletorange: We accept many things other than wallpapers; we also accept YouTube backgrounds, icons, Rainmeter skins, journal skins, browser themes, and more!

:bulletorange: All submissions will be submitted to the New Submissions folder first; after accepting it, an admin will move it to the correct folder.

:bulletorange: Art theft of any kind is strictly prohibited. Please only submit wallpapers that are the original work of the artist (whether the artist is you, a friend, or someone whose wallpaper you like). Any deviations that are found to be stolen will be promptly removed; if you see any stolen deviations in our group, please report them to the admins.

Quality Guidelines

We do not accept the following:
:bulletyellow: Screenshots
:bulletyellow: Wallpapers with non-anti-aliased or blurred text
:bulletyellow: Wallpapers using low-quality (pixellated, blurred, low-res) vectors
:bulletyellow: Vectors pasted on a plain background
:bulletyellow: Stolen artwork
:bulletyellow: Submissions that don't credit resource artists

Wallpaper Folders

Don't know where to look for wallpapers of your favorite pony? Here's our folder directory! Most of the folders are self-explanatory.

:bulletblue: Wallpaper packs (archives of multiple wallpapers) --> Wallpaper Packs

:bulletblue: Mobile device wallpapers --> iPhones and iPods, Android, or Windows Phones
:bulletblue: Tablet wallpapers --> Tablets.
:bulletblue: Wallpapers designed for multiple monitors --> Multi-Monitor
:bulletblue: Any combination of the Cutie Mark Crusaders (Applebloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle) --> Cutie Mark Crusaders
:bulletblue: Any combination of the Wonderbolts (Spitfire, Soarin', etc.) --> The Wonderbolts
Non-Wonderbolt characters in Wonderbolt uniforms/costumes/trainee uniforms do not go here.

:bulletblue: Princess Celestia and/or Princess Luna --> Princesses Celestia and Luna
:bulletblue: Queen Chrysalis and/or changelings --> Queen Chrysalis and Changelings.

:bulletblue: Spike, the Mane 6's pets, or any combination of them --> Spike and Pets
:bulletblue: Derpy Hooves and/or Dinky Doo --> Derpy Hooves and Dinky Doo

:bulletblue: Shipping --> Shipping

These four folders override the shipping folder. If a wallpaper features one of these four ships, it will be in that folder, not the Shipping folder.

:bulletblue: Vinyl Scratch and/or Octavia --> Vinyl Scratch and Octavia
:bulletblue: Shining Armor and/or Princess Cadence --> Princess Cadence and Shining Armor
:bulletblue: Lyra and/or Bon-Bon --> Lyra and Bon-Bon
:bulletblue: Cloudchaser and/or Flitter --> Cloudchaser and Flitter

:bulletblue: Two or more ponies together, excluding the pairs listed above or the Mane 6 --> Group

:bulletblue: The Mane 6 Together --> Mane 6
:bulletblue: Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Twilight Sparkle --> Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Twilight Sparkle respectively

:bulletblue: The Great and Powerful Trixie --> The Great and Powerful Trixie
:bulletblue: Discord --> Discord
:bulletblue: King Sombra --> King Sombra

:bulletblue: Background or minor ponies not listed above --> Background and Minor Ponies
:bulletblue: G1 to G3.5 characters/ --> G1-G3.5 Ponies
:bulletblue: Original characters --> Original Characters
:bulletblue: Scenery or buildings --> Scenery
:bulletblue: Crossovers (e.g. ponies in TF2) --> Crossovers

:bulletblue: Everything else --> Miscellaneous.

Non-Wallpaper Folders

We also have a large variety of non-wallpaper content, such as icons, forum signatures, and skins.

:bulletgreen: Contests: For contests held by us.
:bulletgreen: Forums Signatures: Forum signatures.
:bulletgreen: Icons: Custom icons for program shortcuts.
:bulletgreen: Journal Skins: deviantART journal skins.
:bulletgreen: YouTube Channel Skins: Backgrounds for YouTube channels.
:bulletgreen: Facebook Covers: Pictures which can be used for Facebook Timeline covers.
:bulletgreen: Browser Themes: Browser add-ons which let you customize the look of your browser.
:bulletgreen: Rainmeter Skins: Add-ons for the customization program, Rainmeter.

If you have any questions regarding submission rules/folders, please contact an admin!

Weekly Stats

nothing happening
3 accepted
45 accepted, 2 denied
nothing happening
nothing happening

Group Info

We collect and feature fan-made wallpapers, icons, browser themes, etc., based on the animated television series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic!
Founded 2 Years ago
Sep 1, 2011


Group Focus

2,504 Members
4,110 Watchers
385,692 Pageviews
Daily Pageviews


Add a Comment:
Lktronikamui Mar 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Where would be the right folder to submit a Gilda wallpaper?
Cr4zyPPL 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You can just submit it to the "New Submissions" folder. Sorry for the late reply.
So I want to look Twilight Sparkle.
I would like as Twilight Sparkle be the daughter of Princess Celestia and the granddaughter of Princess Luna.
I thought that Rainbow Dash to be a boy, not a girl, and I want it to be an alicorn and be with Twilight Sparkle.
So I want to look Rainbow Dash.
ninjaturtle338 Jan 21, 2014  Student General Artist
Where would i submit a sunset shimmer wallpaper?
Cr4zyPPL Jan 21, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That would belong in "Background and Minor Ponies"
ninjaturtle338 Jan 21, 2014  Student General Artist
Ok thank you.
Hi! I applied my Chrysalis wallpaper for submission, and it's been in there for a little bit. This isn't a problem, but I see that a few more wallpapers have been approved and added.

Is there something wrong with it that needs to be fixed before it can be approved, or have the mods just not gotten to it yet and I'm an impatient idiot? xD
Sorry if this is an annoyance; I'm just curious.
Cr4zyPPL Jan 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi there.

This group get's a fairly large amount of submissions daily. If you haven't gotten feedback yet, it's because we haven't gotten around to your submission. The wallpapers that have been approved and added were submitted before yours.
Gotcha; sorry about that!
MrAppleStep Dec 22, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Can somebody PLEASE do me a favor And make a wall paper that says MrAppleStep with the theme of my logo, i will make art in change :3
Chathurinda Jan 3, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
is your logo = profile pic, and if it is do I have to use the exact pic of the logo in the wallpaper that you have requested ?
MrAppleStep Jan 4, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yes, my logo is my profile pic, you can use it but if you want you can do something different xP
Chathurinda Jan 5, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I designed a wallpaper,hope you like it!!!!
Chathurinda Jan 5, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I designed a wallpaper,hope you like it!!!!
LtGIR Dec 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
My new favorite group. Time to do some digging since I just found out my favorite pony wallpaper artist shut their account down. Taking all their awesome works with them. I just needed a new AJ one for my shiny new Note 3, and the applesplat one was perfect! >.<
TaigaLife Dec 4, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I would also like to recommend #EquestriaDigital if you're looking for some nice high quality wallpapers.
LtGIR Dec 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Awesome, thanks. I'll go take a look through there as well. Well, maybe tomorrow since there is so much here to go through first.
Coffee-Brew Dec 3, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
You guys should make a section for subtle wallpapers and paintings this)

Forgive me if you already have a section for it :I
TaigaLife Dec 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
We don't have any dedicated sections for subtle type wallpapers. That one, for example, would belong in the scenery folder. Subtle wallpapers belong in their respective folder to which it's implying.
I like the pictures in your group's icon. Do you have a link to them. I've been searching like crazy XD
DoktorRF Nov 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You might want to ask the artist of the icon, ~EvilDocterMcBob. Here's a link to the icon in his gallery:
I made it for the page as part of a contest :P
Pitched-art Nov 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello guys! So, as one of the admins probably heard, I know nothing about vectors. Is it okay for me to join the group? I *do* make wallpapers, I just don't vector. 
TaigaLife Nov 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You don't need to know how to vector to make wallpapers. Most wallpaper artists don't vector themselves, and use pre made vectors by other users by permission.
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